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Delmar Almeida
4 min readJun 17, 2017


The best way to write something down, after a month or so, is to get drunk until 4am and wake up @ 7h30 when every one is still sleeping… Kids, please don’t try this at home, it works with me because I can take it and so does my liver (lmfao:face).

I noticed that the world is so big right now, there is a lot of noise in the media and inside social networks, it is so much that it overwhelms us with a lot of useless information to process (and we do process all that garbage).

I think about how hard it was for me, when I was a teenager, to choose between a career. The design industry was growing bigger, more specific jobs and careers were showing up and rather then choosing a design course you could go for graphic-design, industrial-design, product-design, editorial-design, etc. Damn, you can now be a motion, 3D or sound designer!!! What the hell is a sound designer?! (Although I’m making some fuzz about it, I do know what it is, but that topic will be in another article for sure).

The world is getting even bigger and it won’t stop. For people like me that can’t focus their mind, losing ourselves in the middle of the noise is a sure thing, getting distracted with all the rubbish they see in the web and lose all the greater stuff that exists out there.

What can you do to focus more in this world of ours?

First of all, define your priorities.

You should focus on 3 priorities at a time, else you’ll get lost for sure. There are only 3 things in this world that you should prioritise: your own family, health and work.

Always have time to spend with your family and spent it well, make it count because, truth be told, you need them as much as they need you. Take care of your physical and mental health in order to live your life at its full potencial. It doesn’t matter if you get the job done and die or get mentally unstable in the next day… Nothing will make you come back so be very cautious. If you work with what you love and you are okay with your revenue then keep it up, if not, you should give your hobbies a try and find if there is any fit in your world to turn then into a part-time: remember, that gamers have a full-time job now! You can do it too!

Get well with whatever fits you.

Dispose from your life what doesn’t match your life style. It may come to a point were removing some people in your life is the only option, if by any case you can’t go further in your life with them around you. It is a sad point of view but no one in the world should drag you from your dreams or your milestones, period.

Set your goals in short and long terms.

What do you want to achieve today? And what about in the next month or year? What if you want it now but it will take 5 years to accomplish?! Damn it! No worries, you can do it. Find what kind of path you’ll have to cross and what skills you’ll be needing to grow or learn during the process.

After messing around some years without knowing what I wanted to do with my life and for my work career I found my self interested with whatever would move both my heart and my curious mind:

  • Practiced drawing, martial arts, classic guitar and coding has my hobbies;
  • Done some work with illustrations during my college degree;
  • Afterwards without getting a job as an Industrial Designer I stepped into the startup eco-system on the north region of my country;
  • Got some freelancing work designing stuff while also working on my own projects and startups;
  • Focused on social entrepreneurship and also doing some voluntary work;
  • Started learning about code and programming (not actually writing code) with my startup and after that became a developer myself.

In the end the only hobby I found out it could become my work was coding. AI do not have a steady and stable life right now but this has worked for me in order to discover what I really wanted and what I actually am good at.

After you are born surely you’ll die but in the middle you give yourself permission to do as you choose…

Hope you had a good reading ;)


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