Today I saw a beatiful smile and started to thinking about love.

The best way to start my 9th daily challenge of writing every single day of my life in this year od 2017 is to talk about love.

Love is the most important thing in human lives. Why? It’s a simple question for an equal simple answer: we are SOCIAL creatures.

We all live our lives in communities like in our family, our group of friends or even our coworkers and those that work pretty well are communities where everyone loves each other. Love is not just a feeling, it is an action. Our actions can be made with love. Just think about the simple meals made by your mother or grand mother, how they tastes wonderful and makes you feel great inside, that’s because it was made with love.

So why do we avoid love if it is so good and can do so great things to others? Is it because we feel fear of being rejected or to be mocked by showing our feelings with actions? We should look at this in a different perspective if we want to be happy and continue to love and be loved by others of our race.

I felt in love for lots of my friends and even if it didn’t work out or if the feeling wasn’t mutual most of them are still my friends and we talk, hang out and help each other in hard times. Once one of my friends was in love with me, she was really persistent although I didn’t want to date her, but I still would talk to her, and when in need I’d help her. Why would I reject her? Or even stop talking to her or whipe her off my social life… In my own opinion that’s cruel, we just need to accept other one’s love, be true to them and to us.

Remember that all our lives we will create lots of connections but the ones made of love are the ones that last forever. If you love or like some one just say it.

Maybe the next time someone is in love they won’t be afraid to tell us simple words like “You are ‘Top’! ”.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.


Delmar Almeida

PS: Share this message with someone you love :)



Coder, enterpreneur and aspiring digital nomad. Lover of food and nature.

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Delmar Almeida

Delmar Almeida

Coder, enterpreneur and aspiring digital nomad. Lover of food and nature.

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