What really makes us stronger

Delmar Almeida
2 min readFeb 27, 2017


Today is all about my brother and sister, they have 4 years old and they are the most precious kids to me.

Family is one of the most important thing in human life. It’s where we learn our first feelings of joy, love and care for others unconditionally.

We spent most of our life time with our work and the rest split with our family, friends and sleep. We work and interact with others and at the end of the day we are tired and overwhelmed, so what does drive us to keep up? To continue to work and sacrifice our life time with a 9-to-6 schedule every single day of our lives.


5 years ago I was unemployed, couldn’t get a job on my field of expertise so I searched for other types of work. During this time there was an event that made me change my mindset drastically: the news about two little siblings that were coming into the family. Two! Two little kids that would become my brothers and at that time I was wondering how could I become a good example to them. What should I give up in my life to set a great example to them? And them it came into my mind. I don’t need to give up on anything… not giving up should be the example I needed to share with my future brothers.

Since then I started to invest in myself, I went into a startup environment and mindset, tried to make my own business, made some freelancing work, screw up my startup and then learned web development.

I am now focused in my growth as a web developer. I am still not with a stable life right now but I love what I do, I have lots of opportunities to work in my field of interest and I’m growing faster in expertise ( you were right Steve, the dots did connect ).

Although my brothers are still so small it’s easy to say they have done a lot for me. They brought me hope and a smile whenever I’m with them and in my darkest days I always remember to Never Give Up.


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